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Find out what dog breed you are based on your birth month!

Calendar and Golden Retriever
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Based on standard numerology, your birth month can reveal a lot about your personality. And what if this were match to dog breed personalities? Which one would you be?

By Justine Seraphin , 20 Jun 2019

The results may surprise you…

January: You’re a Siberian Husky!

You are a born leader. You are extremely motivated and ambitious. You are independent. You are intelligent, wise, and powerful. You are charismatic and optimistic – everyone loves to be around you! You tend to get excited as well as irritated in a spur of a moment. You want to make others happy, and don’t see others’ flaws – you only see the good in people. You are often in good health, and very resistant to illnesses.


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February: You’re an English Cocker Spaniel!

Relationships are extremely important to you. You are very empathetic and lovable. And you want that love to be reciprocated. You have a soft, caring heart. You are also highly motivated and goal oriented. You are ambitious and can become very successful if you choose to follow these ambitions. You love your freedom and couldn’t stand if someone began to restrict it in any way. You are highly sensitive and can get hurt easily.


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March: You’re a German Shepherd!

You’re a lover! And a dreamer. You love to be at peace but also love to travel and visit new places. You can also be very impulsive when it comes to making decisions. You tend to hold grudges if someone has angered you.


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April: You’re a Border Collie!

You are a born leader. You are charismatic and ambitious. You are also smart, bossy, stubborn, and creative, which enables you to always get what you want. Your caring and generous nature makes you a great friend. You are brave and fearless when it comes to overcoming the obstacles in your life. You tend to remove yourself from any situation you find uncomfortable and painful. You are an excellent problem-solver.


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May: You’re a Golden Retriever!

You are creative and expressive. You treat everyone with respect. You respond well to authority. You love to be in nature. You tend to feel trapped when you stay at the same place for a long time. You love quickly and intensely.


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June: You’re a Pomeranian!

You are caring and passionate. You can get easily jealous. You have a kind heart, but sometimes you can’t resist the urge to talk, talk, talk! You can be sensitive, but you rarely show your emotions to others. You are great at keeping people entertained. You get bored easily and like to try new things to keep your life always fresh and exciting.


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July: You’re an Anatolian Shepherd!

You are sympathetic, caring, and lovable. You are candid and honest, which makes you a great friend. You are intelligent and can be emotional. You are sometimes seen as a loner. You can struggle to open up and trust someone. But, when you make a friend – it is for life.


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August: You’re a Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

You care deeply about people close to you. You value love and relationships above everything else. You are optimistic and filled with an enthusiasm which inspires and makes everyone around you feel good. You are able to achieve anything you set your mind on. Because of your fiery temperament, you sometimes make impulsive decisions.


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September: You’re a Greyhound!

You despise chaos, and value stability and comfort. You are emotionally intelligent and have a strong intuition. When you find your person, you are extremely loyal and giving. You are secretive and don’t let too many people into your inner circle.


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October: You’re an Australian Shepherd!

You can’t live without your friends. You always want to be around people, chatting, and making new friends. Even though you are very attractive and beautiful, you sometimes lack confidence. Once you learn to control your variety of emotions, you can start to truly enjoy the adventures of life!


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November: You’re an English Springer Spaniel!

You are always positive and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. You are creative and full of ideas. You will not stop until you succeed. You can be quite independent and can sometimes feel insecure.


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December: You’re a Boxer!

You are the life of the party. You’re always among friends. Sometimes, you tend to ignore your responsibilities and focus only on entertainment. You love to be at the centre of attention and live a fabulous life. However, you are not egoistical. You are ambitious and hardworking.


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As we all know, every dog is wonderful! No breed is best, but does your dog breed match your personality?