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Dog cries in desperation until a photo turns her life upside down

Shelter dog cries behind bars dog-happy © High Plains Humane Society - Facebook

We’ve all heard the saying that a picture says a thousand words. Thanks to this powerful photo, this dog’s life took a turn for the best.

By Justine Seraphin

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It all started at a shelter in New-Mexico. High-Plains Humane Society was taking photos of its residents in order to give the dogs the best chances of getting adopted.

Dreams of leaving the shelter

One photo stood out of the bunch, as it was particularly moving. A dog, looking sadly into the lens, seemed to be shedding a tear. Of course, the dog is not actually crying, but suffered from an eye infection at the time. Nonetheless, the photo remains absolutely heart-breaking.

Once uploaded onto their Facebook page, the photo went viral, travelling all around the world within days. Naturally, hundreds of adoption applications came in, and the shelter had more than enough choice when it came to finding the perfect family for their sweet pup.

Happily ever after

The sweet girl ended up getting adopted only hours after the photo had been posted by a caring woman who had been deeply touched by the photo. Needless to say the ‘crying’ dog no longer had any reason to be sad – as she demonstrated with great enthusiasm when her new owner came to pick her up.

She is now living out her days being showered with love and surrounded by both her human and dog family! Once again a happy ending thanks to the power of social media. We couldn’t be happier for this endearing little family!

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