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Neutered dog food: Which is best for sterilised dogs in 2024?

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Neutered dogs have specific nutritional needs, which are different to those of other dogs. That's why there is specifically designed dog food for neutered dogs. Find out how to choose your pet's optimal diet!

Dogs that have been neutered tend to gain weight much faster than other animals. It is therefore important to switch to suitable food, which is lower in fat than conventional foods.

Neutered dog food should also contain more fibre and protein. Opt for a high-quality, complete premium food, which you can find in online pet shops or specialist shops. Ask your vet for advice on the right amount of food to suit your pet's needs and age: it varies according to weight and breed!

Is your doggy about to be neutered? Find out more about the different types of dry food for neutered dogs by browsing through our comparison. Your little companion will start their new diet as soon as they get home from their operation. Chicken, beef, salmon, grain-free... there's something for every taste!

Why should I buy dry dog food for neutered dogs?

Sterilised dogs do not have the same nutritional needs as dogs that have not been neutered. Their body goes through certain changes and needs less energy. At the same time, their appetite increases after the operation and they store fat much faster and easier. All of this means that neutered dogs tend to become overweight. That's why it's important to buy your pet neutered dog food as soon as they return from the vet. These foods are richer in fibre and protein than conventional kibbles and help prevent weight gain.

Are all neutered dog food products the same?

No, and it is important to verify the ingredients before selecting your product. The recipes obviously differ from one brand to another. Some meet the nutritional needs of a neutered dog, while others are sorely lacking in protein. To be sure you’re making the right choice, opt for premium brand kibbles. You can find them in specialised shops. They are slightly more expensive than standard dog food, but are usually perfectly balanced and will meet all your pet's nutritional needs. Low in fat, these dry foods for spayed dogs will provide your pet with the required amount of minerals.

How do I choose food for neutered dogs?

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing the best affordable food for sterilised dogs. The composition of the dog food is one of the most important aspects to check. Food for neutered dogs should be low in fat and high in fibre and protein. The ingredients used must also be of good quality: fresh meat or fish, not bones or cartilage. If your pet is allergic or intolerant to gluten, you should also choose a grain-free neutered dog food. In addition, cereals are not recommended for neutered dogs as they tend to make your pet gain weight. By choosing your neutered dog food wisely, you can provide your animal with a balanced diet that will help them maintain their ideal weight while keeping them satisfied.

Do I need different sterilised dog food depending on my pet’s age?

Puppies require a specific diet, rich in protein and calcium. Adult dogs, on the other hand, need a balanced diet and do not eat as much protein. If you have your dog neutered while they are a puppy, they still need to grow. It means you need to make sure their food helps them develop properly. There are special kibbles for neutered puppies and dry dog food for adult neutered dogs. Once your pet is an adult, you should choose the right food for their age, whether they are neutered or not.

When should I give my pet neutered dog food?

You should give your dog their new food as soon as they start to recover, but without making the diet change too sudden. Instead, start out by mixing old food with new one so that your dog gets used to it. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right quantities of neutered dog food. It is very important to give your neutered dog the food that’s best adapted to their needs, as weight gain can lead to serious health problems, such as arthritis, respiratory problems, heart problems, diabetes or skin infections. In fact, neutered dogs are most likely to gain weight during the first two months after the operation. Males are more prone to weight gain, although it can happen to females too.

What brand of neutered dog food should I choose?

There is no single perfect brand and you should choose your dog's meals based on the tastes and needs of your pet. The brand that is perfect for your Shetland Shepherd will certainly not be the same as for your neighbour's German Shepherd! Different dogs have different energy requirements depending on their age, build and gender.

To choose the right brand for your neutered dog, ask your vet for advice and take a look at online buyer’s guides. You can also use comparison sites to find the best value for money. Check out specialist forums where you can ask any questions you may have!

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