German Hunting Terrier

Other names : Jagdterrier, Deutscher Jagdterrier, German Jagdterrier, German Hunt Terrier

Photo: adult dog of German Hunting Terrier breed
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Life expectancy

The German Hunting Terrier has a life expectancy of between 14 and 16 years




Adult size

Female Between 13 and 16 in
Male Between 13 and 16 in

Adult weight

Female Between 15 and 18 lb
Male Between 20 and 22 lb
Coat colour
Black Brown Blue
Type of coat
Short Hard
Eye colour

Purchase price

The German Hunting Terrier costs approximately 425£

Good to know

More details about the German Hunting Terrier

German Hunting Terrier: Origins and history

If you’ve noticed that the Jagdterrier doesn’t like to talk about his past, it’s because there are skeletons in his closet – and that’s not just his bone collection. Terriers were ‘big’ in the 1920s, but there was no German terrier of note, so two German brothers - Lutz and Heinz Heck – decided to create one, the master terrier if you will, out of national pride. They used their connections in the Nazi party to find sponsors and collaborators for their project, and then had their team boil up a mix of Welsh Terrier, Old English Terrier, and Fox Terrier, with a sprinkle of Pinscher and Dachshund for that German twist. (Lutz would go on to become a high-ranking Nazi officer who organized a ‘hunt’ of unwanted animals from the zoos in the cities the Nazi’s invaded). The project wasn’t completed until after the war, and the breed endures.

FCI classification of the German Hunting Terrier

  • Group 3 - Terriers

  • Section 1 : Large and medium sized Terriers

Training a German Hunting Terrier

Like any good terrier who respects himself, the Jagd is stubborn, reckless and can even be nasty. His education requires firmness, constancy and diligence. The puppy Jagdterrier must acquire the fundamentals of dog manners very early to avoid taking bad habits.

German Hunting Terrier: Purchase price

 £425 for Non KC Registered dogs.

Looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £50 to £80 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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