Welsh Terrier

Other name: Welshie

Photo: adult dog of Welsh Terrier breed
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Life expectancy

The Welsh Terrier has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 14 and 15 in
Male Between 14 and 15 in

Adult weight

Female Between 20 and 22 lb
Male Between 20 and 22 lb
Coat colour
Black Blue Brown
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Welsh Terrier costs between £650 and £950

Good to know

More details about the Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier: Origins and history

The Welsh Terrier is one of the oldest known dog breeds in the UK, dating back many centuries. With his high energy levels and abilities to eradicate vermin and hunt small game, he is a competent working dog. In some circumstances, the breed has been used alongside hunting hounds, giving chase to otters, badgers and foxes.

Previously known as the “Black and Tan Wire-Haired Terrier”, the breed name was changed to “Welsh Terrier” in 1885 in the UK. Although many of these dogs are now used for showing purposes, the breed appears to be dying out and is now classified by the UK Kennel Club as a rare breed.

FCI classification of the Welsh Terrier

  • Group 3 - Terriers

  • Section 1 : Large and medium sized Terriers

Training a Welsh Terrier

Once you begin the training process, the Welsh Terrier is usually happy to commit. His independent streak will sometimes mean he doesn’t listen to you, but on the whole, he is keen to learn new skills. It’s advisable to teach the dog that his master is the pack leader and try to vary the training activities to keep the dog keen.

Welsh Terrier: Purchase price

The initial purchase cost to buy a Welsh terrier puppy is between £650 to £950.

They aren’t known to be an expensive dog to care for and feed. As hardy canines, their health visit costs won’t be too high. Consider though that they do need to visit the grooming salon to strip out their thick coats several times a year.  You should budget between £40 to £50 overall monthly cost for this breed, to take into account pet insurance, grooming, veterinary visits, vaccinations and of course his food bills.

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