Other names : Miniature Pinscher, Zwergpinscher, Medium Pinscher, German Pinscher, Deutscher Pinscher, Min Pin, King of Toys

Photo: adult dog of Pinscher breed
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Life expectancy

The Pinscher has a life expectancy of between 12 and 15 years




Adult size

Female Between 18 and 20 in
Male Between 18 and 20 in

Adult weight

Female Between 31 and 44 lb
Male Between 31 and 44 lb
Coat colour
Black Brown Red Blue
Type of coat
Very short
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Pinscher costs between £540 and £730

Good to know

More details about the Pinscher

Pinscher: Origins and history

As archeological elements dating back to the neolithic era can attest to, these dogs have prehistoric roots. The origins of the miniature variety, however, are recent: it was created in Germany, in the second half of the past century. The standard was established in Germany in 1895, and the first Breed Club was founded in the same year. Both varieties are descendants of the Doberman. Both varieties were officially recognised by the FCI in 1955, and possess their own, distinct official standards.

Pinscher: Varieties

  • Medium Pinscher ( German Pinscher, Deutscher Pinscher)
  • Miniature Pinscher (Zwergpinscher, Toy Pinscher)

Training a Pinscher

Both varieties are relatively easy to train. Attached to their owners and eager to please, these miniature Dobermans are very cooperative if the training methods are respectful, fair, and coherent. 

Brutality must never be part of the tactics used by the owners as this little dog cannot stand violence or groundless reprimands. With a moderately firm hand, you will have to prioritise the reinforcement of good behaviours. 

This dog is known to be stubborn, but if the proverbial “iron fist in a velvet glove” is applied, nothing should stand in the way of a good interaction between master and dog.

Be wary regarding the Zwerg (the miniature version), as one often tends to be indulgent with him, citing his small size as a reason- letting them tug and jump etc. This is in no way a good solution! Diligence and consistency must be at the core of training a dog, no matter its size.

Pinscher: Purchase price

The price of a Pinscher varies depending on its origins, age, and gender. You have to count an average of £730 for dogs subscribed to the Kennel Club. 

The monthly budget required to cater to this dog’s physiological needs wavers in between £20 and £30, depending on the dog’s size, with quality nutrition and necessary yearly basic care (vaccines, deworming, etc.) taking priority.

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