Other names : Chien de franche-comté, French Scent Hound

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Life expectancy

The Porcelaine has a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years




Adult size

Female Between 21 and 22 in
Male Between 22 and 23 in

Adult weight

Female Between 44 and 55 lb
Male Between 66 and 55 lb
Coat colour
White Black
Type of coat
Short Hard
Eye colour
Good to know

More details about the Porcelaine

Porcelaine: Origins and history

The Porcelaine is thought to be one of the oldest French scent hounds in existence today, believed to date back to 1845. Today, numbers of the breed are low but breed lovers in France are working to revive it.

FCI classification of the Porcelaine

  • Group 6 - Scent hounds and related breeds

  • Section 1 : Scent hounds

Training a Porcelaine

The Porcelaine is easier to train than most hounds, but its needs must be met to keep its attention. Ideally, it needs a trainer who has experience with willful dogs who can help the Porcelaine grow into the sweet-natured, obedient pup it’s so capable of being.

Porcelaine: Purchase price

It is extremely rare in the UK. We do not have enough data to set an average price.

Looking after a dog of this size typically costs between £90 to £150 a month, including food, medical/insurance, and incidental expenses.

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