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5 best dog travel bags and cages

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Travelling can be pretty stressful. Travelling with a pet pooch can be very stressful. To make life easier, we’ve found the 5 best dog travel bags and 5 best dog travel cages.

5 best dog travel bags

1# Mool Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier Crate

A large pet crate ideal for travelling and camping. It has a robust steel frame fitted with a water-resistant cover. The Mool pet crate has a pouch for toys and treats, as well as a reversible mat which has a warm fleece on one side and a cooling polyester cover on the reverse.
Size:70 x 52 x 52 cm<
Price: £28.00

2# Aodoor Reversible Pet Sling Carrier Hands-free Sling

Perfect for shopping trips or weekend adventures, the Aodoor sling was made for smaller dogs and toy breeds. It fits right over your shoulder, creating a comfortable and secure sling for your pet pooch.
Size: : 47 x 23 x 20cm
Price: £13.99

3# Mangostyle Airline Approved Cat Dog Backpack

The Mangostyle dog carrier has adjustable padded straps and a padded foam interior. The Mangostyle carrier was designed for air travel, but it can be adapted for camping and day trips
Size: small/mid-sized dog

4# AVC Portable Soft Fabric Pet Carrier

The AVC carrier has four mesh curtains that can be rolled up or down and a ventilated window on each side. It comes with a free faux sheepskin bed lining that keeps your dog warm and comfortable. Includes a 5 year UK warranty against manufacturer defects.
Size: 82cm x  58cm D 58cm
Price: £26.99

5# NICREW Out Front-facing Dog Carrier Backpack

The NICREW front-facing backpack is a secure and comfortable dog carrier. Available in 4 sizes, it has 4cm wide shoulder straps, two side zippers, and a breathable mesh lining; ideal for walks, day trips, and bike rides.
Size: Small. Medium, large, x-large.
Price: £26.99.

5 best dog travel cages

1# RayGar dog carrier

The RayGar portable crate has carry handles for convenient transport and a washable fleece-lined bed for comfort. It's easy to assemble and can be folded down in a few seconds.
Size: small to x-large
Price: £27.99-£49.99

2# Karlie Transport Box

Built-in to match the International Air Transport Association dangerous goods regulations, the Karlie transport box is strong, secure, and comfortable. It's easy to carry and is fitted with a dog feeder and water bottle.
Size: extra small to XX-large
Price: £22.87 -£135

3# Zooplus Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion

A comfortable travel cage with a washable cushion and sturdy metal frame. Fitted with two doors and a practical handgrip, the Zooplus cage can be folded down and packed away when not in use.
Size: medium, large
Price: £37.99-41.99

4# Ellie-Bo Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate

A 30inch folding dog cage that combines comfort and security. It's fitted with a removable metal tray which is easy to clean; folds down flat for easy transportation and storage.
Size: 23.5 x  30 x 21 Inch
Price: £25.50

5# Easipet Puppy Cage

A heavy duty dog cage designed to keep your pet safe. Available in four different sizes.
Size: small, medium, large, X-large.
Price: £15.99-£41.99

Dog travel cage: do I really need one?

In some cases, you won't be able to travel without a dog cage or crate. A number of airlines allow dog onto their planes, but only if they’re kept in a secure crate or cage. This is for everyone's safety, including your dogs.

Crate training tips

The first thing you need to introduce your dog to the crate. Put it somewhere your dog feels comfortable, line it with a few blankets, and then leave the door open. Some dogs are naturally curious; they may start exploring the crate straight away. They may even start sleeping inside it. If not, encourage them to enter by placing a few tasty treats inside the crate.

Begin putting their meals inside the crate. Once they start eating, gently close the door. Then open it as soon as they've finished. Do this a few days in a row.Once your dog feels comfortable taking its meal in the crate, you can start confining them for longer periods of time. Start off by sitting with them for 10/15 mins. Then leave them alone for a little while.  Do this again and again, subtly increase the amount of time your dog spends alone. Eventually, you'll be able to leave them overnight. If not, a few hours will do. It all depends on the length of the upcoming flight.

Is crate training cruel?

Only if its done incorrectly. Never force your dog into the crate, and never use it as a punishment. You want your dog to feel comfortable in the crate, not scared or anxious. Crating also mimics your dog's natural instincts. Wild dogs tend to live in a den. These are secure places where the dogs can eat, sleep, and raise a little family. Plus, crate training is about keeping your dog safe.

Finding the right travel bag or crate is about finding the right balance between safety and security. For short trips or days out, opt for a doggy travel bag, sling, or backpack. For longer journeys, and especially flights, you'll need to invest in a crate or cage.  Just remember to get your dog accustomed to their crate well in advance. This helps keep your dog comfortable, but it also keeps them safe.

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