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8 best dog coats

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Sometimes our furry friends need some help, especially when its cold! So here's a list of the 8 best dog coats. We’ll also find out at what temperature does a dog need a coat.

At what temperature does a dog need a coat?

Most dogs have enough fur to keep them warm during milder winters.Although they may still appreciate a  raincoat. When water evaporates off the body, it absorbs heat from the skin. If the wind starts blowing, evaporation speeds up, and your dog will lose even more body heat.

Generally speaking, most dogs can cope with any temperatures above freezing. But if the numbers fall into the minus, it might be time to invest in a winter coat. And think about changing your dogs routine. Winter temperatures are much lower during the early morning and evenings. It's at the highest during the early afternoon. If possible, stretch their legs during the "warmer"  times of the day.

8 best dog coats

Picking the right coat is really important, and it's not about how good they look.  Jenny Prevel is a dog lover and founder of D for Dog. She says: “assess what you want to achieve with the dog coat. Is it to keep your dog warm, or just to keep them dry, or both? Consider which areas of your dog need to be covered or protected, and finally, make sure it's a good fit."With that in mind, here's a list of 8 best dog coats:

# 1. EzyDog Element Dog Jacket

This is a wind and waterproof doggy coat with an insulating fleece lining. It has an expandable neckline, quick release buckles, and adjustable body straps.
Price: £38.99

# 2. Hurtta Casual Quilted overall Dog coat

Designed for slim breeds like the Greyhound. The Hurtta dog coat is warm, soft, and fitted with high visibility reflectors. Ideal for city and late night walks.
Price: £59.99

# 3. Hurtta Pet Parka for dogs

Hurtta have also designed a jacket for smaller, short-haired breeds who need lots of insulation. Its waterproof, machine washable, and fitted with an integrated dog walking harness. Perfect for the pug lovers.
Price: £59.99.

# 4. Kurgo pet Jacket

The Kurgo jacket is lightweight, fitted with visibility reflectors, and really easy to put on and remove. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee! 
Price: £24.99

#5. Barbour Quilted Dog Coat in Olive or Black

Designed with Barbours classical tartan and diamond quilting, this doggy coat will keep your dog warm and keep them looking good. The corduroy collar offers additional cover, while the velcro neck and body straps guarantee a comfortable fit.
Price: £39.99.

# 6. Ancol Muddy Paws Coat and Chest Protector

This is a very reasonably priced coat fitted with a chest protector, elasticated leg straps, reflector strips, and a slip for the lead or harness. Great value at £18.50.

#7. Danish Design 2-in-1 Four Seasons Dog Coat

This is a coat designed for the changeable British weather. It has a removable fleece liner, and the outer coat is waterproof and breathable. It also features a chest protector and a wrap around belly strap for a secure but comfortable fit.
Price: £9.35.

#8. Mungo and Maud quilted dog

If you enjoy spoiling your pet, then you'll love the Mungo and Maud quilted dog coat. This is high-quality design with the very best materials. It keeps a dog warm in the coldest British temperatures. It's fitted velcro adjustable straps and underbelly protection.
Priced at £129.50, this is premium "doggy-wear."

Are some dogs better suited for cold weather?

Yes. In fact, some dogs were bred to survive in cold, harsh climates. The most obvious example is the Siberian Husky. The Husky was developed by the Chukchi people of eastern Siberia, where winter temperatures can get as low as -50C! In order to survive, the Huskies have a double coat composed of a thick, insulating underlayer and a longer topcoat with straight, coarse hair.  A Husky has got more than enough fur to cope with the worst British winters. Other breeds with double-coats include the Border Collie, the Akita, and the German shepherd. A dog coat salesman might tell you something different, but these breeds can look after themselves!

Are there some dogs who definitely need coats?

Dogs with short,  single layered coats will definitely feel the cold. Dogs with long but thin coats might also need a little bit of extra insulation. Skinnier, less muscular dogs, like the Chihuahua, will also struggle in low temperatures.

How do I know if my dog is getting too cold?

Dogs are pretty tough. Its one of the reasons why they've survived for so long. But even the biggest and strongest dogs can get too cold, and that can lead to serious health problems. A dog's normal body temperature is between 37-38C. If it gets a bit chilly, this can fall to around 34C; anything lower can lead to hypothermia. The symptoms include violent shivering, difficulty breathing, and a general weakness. If these aren't dealt with, the dog can sleep into a coma. Severe cases require immediate medical attention. Otherwise, get your dog back into the warm.

Some dogs have got enough fur to make it through the winter. For others, a doggy coat is a necessity. Medium sized dogs with a bit of fur are pretty borderline. Some need a coat. Some don't. But don't worry, the ones who do will soon let you know about it.  They’ll probably start shivering, and they may be reluctant to go for walkies. If so, there's plenty of dog coats to choose from. Just remember to look for something practical. You might want your dog to look good, but keeping them warm is the priority.

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