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Think your dog already has everything they need? Think again!

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What to get your dog for Christmas: Best dog gift ideas

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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As devoted dog owners, we’re definitely getting our pet Christmas gifts this year! But what to get when there’s so much choice and when our pets are already so spoiled?

It can be hard to find Christmas gifts for dogs. For one, let’s be honest, they already have most things. We love to spoil our dogs 365 days of the year, and that’s ok with us.

But we also want to find Christmas presents that will be useful, fun for our pets, and most of all, safe! So if you’re still wondering what to get, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These ideas come straight from the Wamiz team - here’s what we’re getting our dogs for Christmas this year.

Dog treats

Dog gifts don't have to be the most original to be the best! What dog has ever turned down a dog treat? 

Try to keep your dog’s tastes in mind when getting the treat: does your dog prefer beef, chicken, or salmon? Make sure you pick high-quality treats too - usually you get what you pay for, but hey, who’s counting when it’s Christmas?

Long-lasting dog chew

The keyword here is “long-lasting”! Chew toys are generally really good for dogs’ teeth, as they help to reduce tartar and plaque. But, as we all know, dogs love to eat, and they love to eat fast.

A long-lasting chew will enable your dog to go back to his/her chew for several days or even weeks! This is not only beneficial for your dog’s teeth, but will also help your dog combat boredom or loneliness when you’re not able to care for them.

Pita bed for dogs

As beloved family members, our dogs deserve to be warm and comfy during the winter. Pita beds are dog beds specifically designed for dogs who like to burrow and hunker down under warm blankets. They resemble sleeping bags and can be found in many different textures and colours.

Pita beds are perfect for short-haired breeds such as Whippets or Italian Greyhounds who get cold in the winter! If your dog loves to get under the blankets with you, you won’t go wrong with a pita bed!

Kong Frisbee

Kong toys are a firm favourite for dog owners. Made with highly resistant material, they’re nearly unbreakable! 

The most popular Kong toy is the food dispenser, and if you don’t own one yet, we highly recommend it. They are great for keeping your dog mentally active and occupied even when you’re not around. However, if you already own a generic food dispensing Kong, why not mix it up and purchase this Kong Frisbee for Christmas instead?

Puzzle game for dogs

Some dogs need more mental stimulation than others, but when treats are involved, all dogs are ready to make their brains work! 

Puzzle games usually involve hiding treats within a game that contains small doors and levers which your dog has to get through with the use of their nose or their paws. These games can help keep your dog entertained at home, which is useful during the cold winter months when you'll be spending more time indoors than usual.

Leather dog collar

Your dog will definitely be the best dressed if you get them a leather collar for Christmas. 

Not only are leather collars extremely elegant, but they are also very resistant and could last for years if well taken care of!

Stuffed long-lasting dog toy

Dogs love to play with soft toys that they can grab, bite and shake around at will! But low-quality toys can easily tear and the stuffing inside is definitely not good for your pooch if ingested. 

Long-lasting stuffed animal toys tend to be a little heavier than the norm, and sometimes a bit more expensive too. But they are safer to play with and your dog will love it!

Christmas dinner for dogs

Sometimes, the best part about Christmas is holiday food! But there’s a lot of food that we, as humans, can enjoy that our dogs can’t. Chocolate, gravy, alcohol - you name it. Dogs can get very sick if we share our plates with them!

So the best option is to get them a Christmas meal of their own. You could cook a homemade meal or you could purchase a ready-made one. Lily’s Kitchen, a natural dog food brand, has their very own Christmas range. Dog lovers around the world have already attested to the fact that it's a huge hit with their pups!

Snuggly dog blanket

If your dog likes to steal your blankie when you’re both relaxing on the sofa, why not get them their very own this Christmas?

A large, soft, and warm blanket will do the trick. Basically anything you would use for yourself - spoiled dogs won’t settle for anything less!

Slow-feeding dog bowl

Eating too fast is not good for our dogs’ health, so if your furry friend is a real glutton, or at risk of bloat, then this might be the perfect gift for them.

These bowls have ridges that break up the bowl’s surface area, forcing dogs to take their time while they’re eating, and though it may seem harsh, it’s actually much better for them health-wise! 

Warm dog Christmas outfit

If your dog has a short, single coat, chances are they're suffering from the cold this season. And with inflation and the rising cost of heating, it's getting pretty cold indoors too! So why not get them a warm Christmas-themed dog sweater or pyjama for Christmas?

Some online stores will make bespoke orders using the exact sizes you provide them. That way you can be sure to dress your dog in something warm and comfortable too.

Embroidered dog Christmas stocking

A Christmas stocking can be re-used every year! Personalise it by getting your dog's name embroidered on it, then fill it with awesome gifts that you know your dog will enjoy, like treats or tug toys for example.

We hope we’ve given you some great Christmas gift ideas! But remember, the most important thing is that you give your dog plenty of love this holiday season - there’s nothing they enjoy more than that! 

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