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5 short hair cat breeds

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Short hair cat breeds are everywhere. They are found in all shapes and sizes and each has a different personality and colouring. A domestic short haired cat certainly isn’t a full pedigree cat. 

Found in every colour, shape and size

Short hair cat breeds often have a round face, short coat and a broad chest. Appearing in a vast range of coat colours such as calico, tortoiseshell, tabby and rarer shades like silvers, blues and smoke. These mixed- breed cats are very sociable pets, with many different personalities. Some are quite often very calm and docile, while others may be very affectionate and playful.

Origins of the short hair cat breeds

First of all, brought to the United Kingdom by the Romans when they invaded the country, this British shorthair cat breed is an intelligent cat that makes itself heard by meowing quite a lot. When the Romans left, the cats remained behind. During Victorian times, the breed became more popular. However, during the World War II period, they became scarcer, as breeders didn’t have the food supplies for them. Its chubby cheeks and round-shaped whisker pads make the cat appear to smile. It was these characteristics that attracted Lewis Carroll to write about his Cheshire Cat.

Physical Characteristics of the short hair cat

It seems like this group of felines are very popular, mainly because of their calm and affectionate nature. Often with a chubby build and round face. Some adult males are known to have protruding cheek jowls, while the female cats don’t. Appearing in many different colourways including fawn, cinnamon, lilac, chocolate, cream, red, white, blue and black of course. Short hair cat patterns are usually tortoiseshell or tabby, but other popular examples are bi-colour, colourpoint and even solid colour. The coat of the short hair cat is generally plush and thick. This intelligent feline is very friendly and amiable and is often an attention seeker. 

Although short hair cat breeds are mainly from British stock, it is currently one of the most popular breeds at the moment. Here are 5 different varieties of the most well-liked kitties that are fashionable just now.

British Shorthair cat

Due to its dignified stance, big bones and heavy jowls, this cat is often called the Winston Churchill of the feline world. Certainly, it is a very affectionate, loyal pet that is very tolerant of other animals and children. Similarly, the cat is just as happy with his own company. Above all, the British shorthair cat will rule the roost at home.

Abyssinian Short Hair cat

Although its origins aren’t clear, the Abyssinian is noted to be one of the first breeds of domesticated felines. With the characteristics of a small cougar or mountain lion, almond-shaped eyes and a ticked fur coat in various colours. This breed of cat is not only very smart, but also very curious, loving nothing better than sitting on high perches. 

Siamese cat

This instantly recognised, short hair cat breed is understood to have originated from the Far East. However, it first appeared in London at a cat show in 1871. Having an angular body and vivid blue eyes, this intelligent puss is very people orientated. With a distinctive voice and loving nothing better than to “talk” to its owners. 

Bombay Shorthair cat breed

First of all, named after its city of birth in India, the Bombay kitty has both a loving and easy-going personality. The breed was first produced during the 1950s, when a sable Burmese was crossed with an American Short hair, with black fur. Consequently, the offspring, the Bombay cat now has a marvellously, glossy black coat. The kitty also has either copper or gold coloured eyes. It seems like the Bombay is a very sociable pet and is quite happy around other pets and children. 

Tonkinese short hair

This feline breed is a cross between the Burmese and the Siamese and developed during the 1960s. Generally with fabulous tan-coloured fur and aqua blue eyes, however, the cat also comes in other shades too. Likewise, he can have yellow, green or blue eyes too. They are fun-loving cats, although they do love to be cuddled and stroked a lot.

Any of these short hair cat breeds mentioned will be an amazing family pet. As a result of their affectionate and calm natures, they are brilliant for first-time kitty owners. However, if you are searching for a new pet, make sure that you visit a local animal shelter or kitten rescue home first. They are sure to have plenty of gorgeous, loving, short hair cats that are looking for a forever home.

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