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Top 9 cats with flat faces

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Do you think flat faces make the cutest faces? If you are looking to adopt a flat faced cat, read on to discover our list of the top nine flat-faced cat breeds.

There are many beautiful breeds of cat in the world. Siamese have piercing blue eyes, Orientals have a regal look about them, and don't get us started on Bengals! But cats with flat faces really stand out from the crowd.

In this article, discover the most beautiful flat-faced cat breeds in the world, from the extremely flat-faced to the only slightly flat-faced, and learn how to best care for them.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair ©Shutterstock

You only need to look into those mesmerising eyes and you will realise why people crave for British Shorthair cats. British Shorthairs are flat-faced cats that have a 100-year-old history and are the most popular cat breed in Britain. With their calm and composed demeanour, it's no wonder why they're so popular!

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The Persian ©Shutterstock

In general, Persians are appreciated for their unique and luxurious fur. Generally, Persians are flat-faced cats with a nicely-built broad chest, stocky frame, well-spaced legs, and large head with wide-spaced eyes. These are the quintessential lapcats: they can't think of a place they'd rather be than on your lap!

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The Burmilla ©Shutterstock

These cats are a mix between a Burmese and a Chinchilla, which means they have a slightly short muzzle, round face, and muscular body. Their eyes are green but you can find some cats with yellow and blue eyes. Overall, Burmillas are very famous not only because they are relatively flat-faced cats but simply because they are gorgeous. In addition, they are both relaxed indoors and active outdoors, making them great family pets.

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The Himalayan ©Shutterstock

Himalayans have shocking sapphire blue eyes and long silky fur. These flat-faced cats are blessed with big hypnotic eyes. They have a short tail, big round head, strong legs, and a cute short nose. Moreover, ‘Himmies’ (as they are commonly known) have small, rounded ears, a well-developed chin, and full cheeks. They are one of the most easy-going cats out there, so make wonderful family companions.

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The Bombay ©Shutterstock

These flat-faced cats are affectionate and very adaptable. In fact, Bombays love meeting people and they can get along well with dogs and children too. They need attention, so if you feel you are too busy to spend time with them, avoid owning them. Bombay cats look like panthers. They have a medium sized frame with muscular strong outlines.

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Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold ©Shutterstock

Back in the 60s, these flat-faced cats were actually called “Flops”. These cats are mostly round in shape and their heads appear round due to their ears. Scottish Folds have large eyes, a short nose and neck, rounded paws, and a resolute body. This cat looks astonishing from head to paws. Scottish Folds are friendly and playful companions that thrive on human attention and love.

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Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex ©Shutterstock

Many features of the Selkirk Rex are captivating. For example, their gorgeous curly coats and their adorable faces. They have extremely large eyes that really make them stand out. They are well known for their kind and affectionate personality. Selkirk Rex cats are very laid-back.

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The Munchkin ©Shutterstock

They have a playful, cheerful character. Their main attractions are their flat face and their short legs. In addition, rounded contours actually make this cat’s head appear triangular. Another impressive characteristic is their high cheekbones. The eyes of Munchkin cats are really impressive mainly due to their flat faces. There is no way to miss them!

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Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair ©Shutterstock

Exotic Shorthairs are extremely soft due to their velvety silky fur. Personality wise, they are the kind of cats that will lay in place and expect their owners to cuddle them! Don’t be surprised, you will want to do it! These flat-faced cats are very low maintenance but they may require occasional wiping of their sensitive eyes. Exotic Shorthairs are a good choice for people who love Persian cats but dislike daily grooming.

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As you may have seen, there are many different flat faced cat breeds! Which one is your favourite? Remember, though we have outlined the general characteristics and personalities of these breeds, every individual animal is different. Take that into consideration before choosing one! In addition, be aware that flat-faced cats need special care and attention - they are not the easiest breeds to care for. Nevertheless, if you choose to adopt one, you'll be a very lucky owner!

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