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Kitten takes over Golden Retriever's bed; the dog's reaction is hilarious

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A Golden Retriever was forced to postpone nap time after discovering that a tiny kitten had hijacked his dog bed. And did she move? Of course not!

Bailey is an adorable Golden Retriever who is learning all about being the big brother. His new siblings include a litter of super-cute kittens, and one of them has no respect for Bailey's things. 

It's hard work being the mature one

A recent clip shared on YouTube showed the kitten stretched out in Bailey's dog bed. While Bailey was less than impressed, the furry intruder had no issues claiming the snug spot for herself.

Poor Bailey tries his best to remove the kitten. He circles the bed and lets out a few woofs. But the kitty isn't moving. This bed is hers now.

Exasperated with his cat sister's stubborn behaviour, Bailey tries a different approach. He attempts to lift the bed and tip the cheeky kitty out of it!

That doesn't work, either, and Bailey is all out of ideas. He stares at the person filming his ordeal (probably his owner) with an expression that says, "Tell her to move, please. She needs to learn that some stuff belongs to me."

But the person behind the camera doesn't get involved,  and that's a good thing. Brothers and sisters have to figure this stuff out for themselves.

Bailey finally does the smart thing and gives up. He might not have his bed back, but he's learned that there's no point arguing with a cat. And that's a valuable life lesson for any older canine sibling.

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Bailey has his paws full

Bailey lies down on the very edge of the bed and tries to enjoy a little snooze. And this is when the cat finally moves. Typical. 

But it gets even better. The little terror decides she wants to sleep on Bailey's head now. That's little sisters for you.

We wish we could say that things will get better for you soon, Bailey. But they probably won't. You've really got your paws full with this one. So good luck, big brother. You're definitely going to need it.

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