Owner sees her cat is too warm: What she does next leaves viewers speechless

Tabby cat in garden cat-happy

If you've always thought that all cats hate getting wet, then this hilarious clip of Ellie will make you think again.

By Zoë Monk

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While cats are happy to drink water from a bowl or a dripping tap, many will fight tooth and claw to stop their fur from getting wet. Even the suggestion of their fur getting too close to water can turn a content feline into a mini lion. But not Ellie.

Ellie the cat plant

Ellie loves water so much that she enjoys nothing more than being watered, just like a plant. Her owner took to Reddit to share a clip of the funny feline demanding to be watered.

The clip starts with an adorable tabby cat called Ellie sitting in the garden beside some plants. She looks at her owner and starts meowing, clearly telling her owner she wants something. Ellie's owner asks the meowing cat, "what do you want? Do you want to get watered?" Her owner then shows her the green watering can and asks, "Is this what you want" to which Ellie responds with a loud meow.

Cat shower

As Ellie's owner comes closer and slowly starts to tip the watering can over her, Ellie meows impatiently until the water finally comes out and sprinkles over her head. The cat then starts licking herself while purring loudly.

The clip delighted Redditors, with many posting that they had never seen a cat enjoy water like this. Although one cat owner did admit that their feline friend also insists on getting watered every day but with a spray bottle otherwise "her whole day is ruined if she doesn't get watered."

Here's Ellie enjoying getting watered:

Does your feline friend love water like Ellie?

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