Guy backs away from little kitten when he sees what's hiding in the grass

grey kitten walking on the road cat-wow © JediWithAnM4 - reddit

This guy was very surprised when he tried to help a kitten in need and ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

By Justine Seraphin

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Robert Brantley was driving his car down a country road when he spotted a small grey kitten wandering around on his own.

Worried about the kitten’s safety, Robert got out of his car and picked the kitten up. He knew in that moment he would be taking the kitten home with him. And in the next, he changed his mind. 

A huge surprise

Because when he looked up again, he realised there were three little white blobs hiding in the grass near the road: Three more kittens! But then, there were two more, and then three more again, until there were roughly a dozen kittens all meowing loudly at Robert’s feet. 

Rob can be heard exclaiming: « I can’t take you all! », between bouts of « Oh my gosh »s and even a « hot diggity dog ». Yep, that’s how stunned he was.

Robert’s ark

But don’t worry, Robert has a soft heart, and though he was shocked at how many kittens were actually out there, he didn’t hesitate to save them all. In a later video, the kittens can be seen making themselves at home in his truck.

We don’t have any updates for now, but we imagine the kittens are on their way to the vet’s or to a shelter. 

One thing’s for certain: Robert saved their lives! 

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