7 year old shelter cat

Fig was returned to shelter after 7 years with his family.

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Cat returned to shelter after 7 years sparks dismay and anger (video)

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Shelter staff were left both stunned and heartbroken when Fig the cat was returned to them seven years after being adopted.

Fig was initially adopted from the shelter after being rescued as a three-week-old kitten.

Returned to shelter after seven years

However, after seven years in a loving home, Fig found himself back at Valley Animal Center in California, sparking outrage among online animal lovers.

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Despite being a good family pet, his family decided to move abroad. Rather than trying to navigate the complex pet relocation procedures, they chose to hand him back to the shelter.

The news of Fig's return left many on TikTok stunned. One user expressed disbelief at how a cat could have been part of a family for so long and then be surrendered. 

The good news is that despite the heart-wrenching situation, Fig remains remarkably friendly and adaptable at the shelter, charming staff and visitors alike.

Challenges faced by older cats

However, the reality for older cats like Fig is stark. They face challenges in finding new homes compared to kittens. While Valley Animal Center is optimistic about Fig's chances due to his outgoing nature, they emphasise the importance of finding him a suitable adopter quickly to ensure his continued happiness.

As the shelter works hard to find Fig a new home, they hope someone will step forward soon to provide him with the loving environment he deserves. And we do, too. Good luck, Fig!

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