Dog sniffs stranger: When she realises who it is, she goes absolutely nuts

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You know how much you miss your dog when you’re at work for a day? Well imagine not seeing them for a whole 7 months!

By Justine Seraphin

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During the pandemic, a couple from South Africa had to relocate to Canada. 

A heartbreaking goodbye

Unfortunately, because of the travel restrictions at the time, their Dutch Shepherd named Bagheera, could not go with them. Bagheera's owners were heartbroken, but they had no other option.

It was only 7 months later, once the restrictions had finally eased, that the dog was able to fly over and reunite with her long-lost owners. 

The happiest of reunions

The couple were worried that their beloved dog wouldn’t remember them, but it turns out they had nothing to worry about. As soon as Bagheera got a whiff of her owners, she started wagging her tail uncontrollably, jumping into her dad’s arms and licking his face with joy.

Reunited with Our Dutch Shepherd Bagheera After 7 Months

This is proof a dog's unconditional love is very real! 🐕💕🥺

Posted by Daily Mail Celebrity on Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The family was so happy to be reunited…now all they have to worry about is how much colder their winters are going to be!

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