Teachers hear strange noises: They check the ceiling and can’t believe their eyes

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When school staff heard strange noises in the ceiling, they couldn’t at first work out what it was. Then they realised what they could hear were tiny meows.

By Zoë Monk

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It should have been a normal day like any other at the high school in Northern California. But then staff began hearing some strange noises coming from the air vents.

At first, they didn’t know what the sounds were. But the staff quickly realised that the noises they could hear sounded like faint meows.

Rescue mission

Realising that there was no time to lose, a desperate three-day rescue mission began. The staff started taking apart the air vents on the ceiling and quickly spotted a mother cat and two kittens on the school roof. But while the staff could see the cats it wasn’t easy to get to them.

So, the maintenance staff set a trap in the hope that they could trap the feline family without causing them too much distress. However, they were only able to trap the mother cat. Worried about the welfare of the kittens, they let the mum cat go, so she could stay with her litter. 


The next day, the maintenance staff tried again, and this time they were able to safely rescue three kittens. 

But staff could still hear meows coming from the ceiling. A maintenance worker decided to open up the ceiling and search the vents again to see if he could find the rest of the felines. Fortunately, his perseverance paid off. He managed to remove two tiny kittens from the ceiling. 

Although the kittens were very hungry after their adventures, they all seemed to be in good health and were later rehomed with local families.

Here's a clip of the kittens' rescue:


What is happening here? Worth the watch.

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