Home owner visits property 8 days after tenant leaves and gets a nasty surprise

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The events took place in France. A home owner was left traumatised after visiting one of his empty properties.

By Justine Seraphin

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8 days after his tenant moved away, a home owner in France went to visit his property to check on it. He expected to find it empty and cleaned, but what he found instead left him shocked.

Hunting dogs left behind

Indeed, as he stepped onto the property, he found two hounds chained up in front of the house. The dogs were in a sorry state - they had clearly been left there by the owner and hadn’t been given any food and water for the past 8 days…The poor dogs had resorted to eating their own faeces to survive. 

Thankfully, the home owner realised the severity of the situation and immediately brought the dogs some food and water. He then contacted 30 Million d’Amis (a French animal charity), who quickly came to pick up the dogs.

A brighter future ahead

The charity has since filed a complaint against the dogs’ previous owner in the hopes that he will be punished accordingly. In the meantime, the dogs are being well taken care of, and will soon be available for adoption.

It seems they have a much brighter future ahead!

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