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Owner leaves dog at shelter: 27 days later, staff is in tears

blue pitbull behind shelter bars dog-happy © Nick Chase 68 - Shutterstock

Shelter staff feared the worst after this dog was dropped off at the shelter and had no news from his owner for almost a month…

By Justine Seraphin

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Hershey the Pitbull mix was taken to the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area after his owner suffered a medical emergency and had to be hospitalised.

Fear of abandonment

The dog, named Hershey, was older, and set in his ways. He loved his owner very much and felt so lost at the shelter. And with no news from his owner for almost a month, shelter staff feared that he may have passed away and that no-one would come back for his dog…

But, 27 days after Hershey was dropped off at the shelter, they got the surprise of a lifetime. Hershey’s owner was finally released from the hospital and his very first stop was the shelter.

A very happy ending

Shelter staff caught the moment the two reunited, and honestly, you’re going to want a large box of tissues for this.

Both are clearly so relieved to see each other again, with the dog wagging his entire body happily, while the owner sinks down to the ground to be at optimal cuddle height. 


Hershey landed at the shelter via Animal Control when his owner experienced a medical emergency. He was an older, not yet neutered pit mix and was totally overwhelmed at the shelter. When we didn't hear from his dad, we feared the worst but today, dad was released from the hospital and CAME STRAIGHT TO HSNBA to get Hershey! Watch their reunion after 27 days! It is only through donations we can help dogs like Hershey and the people who love them.

Posted by Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area, Inc. on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

We are so happy for this pair, and hope they never have to be separated again!

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