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Couple found cat in the street and take it in: they don't know what they're getting into

man finds cat in the street cat-wow © bk_kitty_ - Instagram

A couple living in New York found a stray cat on the street. They decided to take care of him, but had no idea what his story was or what kind of trouble they were getting into.

By Emilie Heyl

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Two years ago, Emily and Nate spotted a stray cat, all alone and homeless. The beautiful white kitten immediately captured their hearts. They decided to take him into their home.

First stop: the vet

The first thing Emily and Nate did was to go to the vet to make sure the cat was healthy. They also wanted to check if he had a microchip to make sure he didn't belong to someone.

Dusty, as they named him, was not microchipped, so there was no way to check if he had ever had a home before. However, the vet discovered something else.

It turned out that the feline was a female and she was pregnant!


Four weeks later, Nate and Emily found a little surprise in the wardrobe. Instead of two kittens, as the doctor had predicted, Dusty had given birth to seven.


A post shared by Mama Dusty (@bk_kitty_)

Within a couple of weeks, Emily and Nate's family had grown to an impressive size.

The kittens grew up healthy and fortunately they all managed to find homes. Emily and Nate created an Instagram account where you can see the life of the happy family and how Dusty is doing nowadays.


A post shared by Mama Dusty (@bk_kitty_)

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