Applications open to rehome retired or rejected police dogs

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While some dogs are born for the job, others are better suited to the life of a house pet. That’s where adopters like you can come in!

By Justine Seraphin

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Northumbria Police has recently released a statement saying that applications are now open for the adoption of their retired or rejected police dogs.

Not every dog is a police dog

Indeed, some dogs simply don’t make the cut due to their temperament. A police dog needs to be highly focused on the task at hand - and some dogs would just rather eat treats or play instead.

If you’d like to adopt a dog from Northumbria Police, you can visit their website and apply via their online form. They will then try to match their dogs with the perfect family. If you are chosen, you will have to meet the dog prior to officially adopting them. The police will also check your records and perform a home-visit to ensure you can provide the dog with the best environment possible.

An adoption like any other

Do be aware that some of these dogs won’t have received any official police training - so don’t expect to have a perfectly trained dog on your hands!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Then what are you waiting for!

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