If your cat does these 5 things, your pet is TOO spoiled

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Are you suspecting your cat to be a little too spoiled? Find out if your furry friend is overindulging by looking at these 5 signs.

By Emilie Heyl

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Cats are independent animals and despite having been domesticated, they don’t get as attached to people as dogs do and don’t show their love that easily. They do play hard to get, don’t they?

For this reason, it is not unusual to find more than one feline lover and owner who will do anything to make their kitty feel comfortable and happy.

And, at the same time, there are many kittens that take advantage of this situation to gradually become the kings and queens of the house. 

If you want to know if your cat is too spoiled, pay attention to these five signs:

1. Your cat "talks" to you all the time

Meowing is a form of communication developed by cats to communicate mainly with humans. 

There are different types of meows according to your cat’s demands. Some are to demand food, water or even just to get your attention because they are lonely or bored.

Many cats have realised that their owners are quick to respond to these signals and will not hesitate for a second to demand that their every whim be met.

2. Goodbye to closed doors

When a kitty feels that the house is part of its territory, he will not accept obstacles being put in his way, so it will be very common to hear angry meows at a closed door.

Many, MANY cat owners know this all too well and have already accepted that most doors are just for decoration.

3. Your cat has few extra pounds on

A well-cared-for cat will eat healthily on a routine basis, but a spoiled cat will never go hungry, because at the slightest meow his bowl will be full.

Be careful though, because kittens don't know how to regulate their food intake and this can cause them to become overweight.

Don't forget to make regular visits to the vet to check that your kitten is in good health, even if it is a little chubby.

4. Your cat loves to sleep on your bed because it is now HIS bed

Many cats like to sleep on their humans' soft beds, especially the spoiled ones. 

Every spoiled cat owner will wake up more than once with a sore back from sleeping crookedly so as not to squash their cat.

5. Your cat is happy and he surely deserves to be

Actually, there's nothing wrong with having a spoiled cat, because he'll be a happy cat, too. Just remember to spoil him as much as possible as long as you don't harm his health or your life.

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