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Dog's heart is shattered repeatedly leaving him sad, scared, and shaking

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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A dog in a shelter is a complete tragedy. But it is especially difficult to see a good dog adopted and returned several times, due to the irresponsibility of some humans.

Tofik, a scruffy shelter dog in Poland, was adopted in 2018. However, just a year after his adoption, he was returned to the shelter. His owners wanted to go abroad and didn’t want to take the dog with them.

Dumped again and again

But the shelter didn’t struggle to find Tofik another home – he was adopted again only a few months later. Unfortunately, his ‘happy ending’ didn’t last long. He was quickly returned to the shelter again, this time because he didn’t get along with the family cat. Did his new adopters try to work on his behaviour? No, it was easier to just dump him again.

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Thankfully, someone else stepped up to adopt Tofik, and this time, it seemed like it would be the last time. Tofik stayed in his new home for 2.5 years. Sadly, in January 2022, he was returned to the shelter again. Apparently, he had taken fright when a man moved too rapidly near him, and he bit him to defend himself.

Is there hope for Tofik?

The shelter has explained that Tofik is a good dog who just needs patience and understanding. He is wary of strangers and tends to growl if you’re too brusque with him. But if you take your time and earn his trust, he’s one of the friendliest and most affectionate dogs ever.

Shelter staff is absolutely devastated for poor Tofik, who is just getting worse and worse as the days go by. His hopes have been brought up and subsequently destroyed three times in a row now. Only a shell of the dog he used to be is left; now, he cowers in the corner of his kennel, sad, scared, and trembling.

We sincerely hope some kind and understanding soul will take this dog on and never let him go. The poor pup deserves so much better than what he’s gotten in life. Best of luck, little guy!

This article was first published on 10 February 2022.

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