Injured puppy can't move his hind legs: Two cats come to his rescue (video)

Road at night dog-cat-wow

This poor little dog found himself in a bad situation, not being able to walk. Fortunately, he is not alone...

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

If you believe that cats and dogs always hate each other, no matter what, the news we share with you today will put your beliefs to the test.

Two cats and a dog are the protagonists of this occasion.

Two furry angels

This news will make you think again about the relationship between two famous enemies: dogs and cats.

It emerges with a cute video, which has made many smile and others cry. The reason: two angels save a life.

The video was filmed on a road in Russia at night, and in it we can see a little dog crossing the road. But, this little dog has difficulty crossing the road because he cannot move its hind legs.

This story would be upsetting if it wasn't for his carers.

Accompanying him and helping him to cross the road are two cats, two furry angels who motivate him to keep going and prevent him from being run over.

A short video that has moved many. Beautiful and so inspiring!

Does your cat get along with your dog?
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