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Homeless man's heartfelt celebration for dogs' birthday melts hearts (video)

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This video has moved the hearts of many internet users. It just shows how important dogs are in people’s lives.

The video's caption tells us that the man in the video is José Luis Matos, known as Choco. He is a homeless man who lives on the streets of Bucaramanga, Colombia, and is always accompanied by his faithful dogs.

A touching moment 

The video shows the man sitting with his dogs on a staircase, both wearing birthday hats. 

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Choco then takes out a cake and places two candles on it. He lights them and starts singing "Happy Birthday" to his two faithful companions.

Then he gives them both a huge hug and a slice of cake. The two adorable dogs are happily eating their festive feast!

The video caption reads, "This is Choco, a resident of the street in #Bucaramanga. He is always seen with his two dogs. It's for people like him that we need to change this unjust society.

Happy Birthday!

The video quickly attracted the solidarity of Internet users and has been viewed more than 607,000 times, with more than 35,000 likes. Some commented:

 "Man's best friend... more loyal than humans. They never judge you". 

After the video was posted on social media, Choco was visited by David Guerrero, a human rights activist. David brought food for the two dogs, Nena and Shaggy, whom Choco considers his children.

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