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Two women arrive at animal shelter; what they do next is unforgiveable (video)

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Some shocking images have been shared on the Facebook page of the Os Palleiros shelter. Warning: they may offend the sensibility of the reader.

Once again, as they themselves begin the post on their Facebook page, the animal shelter Os Palleiros, located in Pontevedra, has to share some horrifying images.

The scene took place in the early hours of January 2nd. After midnight, a car parked in front of a shelter to abandon "possibly the best friend that these people have had and will have in their lives".

In cold blood…

The shelter shares a video recorded by its security camera in which a white car can be seen parking outside its premises. After a while, the vehicle moves forward, perhaps hoping to hide its number plate.

Two women then get out of the car and tie a light-coloured puppy to the shelter door. They leave only a bowl of water and food behind.

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The puppy escapes and is believed to have been run over

After a few minutes, the dog manages to break free. It runs through the gate and disappears into a neighbouring farm.

The following morning, the shelter received a report of a dog that had been run over and died on the road to Villagarcía. After seeing the photo of the animal and comparing it with the video, they believe it to be the same dog.

The images are now in the hands of the police to try to identify those responsible.

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