Couple decide to offer one last pile of snow for their dying dog

Couple with dog in the snow dog-sad © Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation - Facebook

On Friday, September 24, Elijah posted a message on Facebook asking Salt Lake County Ice Center for help. Indeed, they were looking for a little bit of snow for their dying dog, Maggie, to play in one last time.

By Emilie Heyl

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Unique request. Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have put away for the season? Our sweet dog is passing of cancer and on Monday we want to build her one last snow bank to roll in.” Gorgeous Maggie was a die-hard snow lover and her parents accompanied their post with photos of the dog in the snow.


They did everything to make Maggie’s last hours enjoyable

The message was terribly heartbreaking...Maggie is a sweet and beautiful dog who sadly is suffering from cancer. Her parents found out she would be euthanized on Monday 27th of September at noon. Maggie loves snow so much and for this reason, her parents decided to let her play in snow one last time.

They posted a Facebook post that caught the attention of Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation. The team mobilised to make artificial snow and took care of delivering it as agreed on Monday morning.

An unforgettable moment together

Elijah posted the photos of this snowy moment. In the middle of the snow, we can read the sign "Maggie's snow" and we understand that this island of snow is a real paradise on earth for the gorgeous dog.

Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Company posted a message of condolence to Maggie's family on Facebook.

We are both sad for Maggie's parents and happy that the beautiful female dog got to taste one of her greatest pleasures in life for the last time.

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