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8 reasons why you should never EVER get a Dachshund

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We know you’re thinking of getting one of those short-legged, long-bodied sausages…well don’t! It's a terrible idea! Here are the reasons why...

By Justine Seraphin

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Thinking of getting a Dachshund? Make sure you research the breed properly and approach a reputable breeder or rescue if you do decide to get one. Here are a few key facts about the low-riding pups!

Why Dachshunds are the worst breed?

Dachsies are not actually the worst breed of dog! Is there even a worst breed? All dogs are awesome! You should research Dachshunds properly before you decide to get one though! Dachsies were originally hunting dogs who would burrow into holes in the ground to catch their prey. As such, they’ve got a strong prey drive and have all the typical traits of a terrier: Tenacity, stubbornness, liveliness, etc. They’re not for everyone. But for the right people, they can make fantastic pets!

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Is a Dachshund a good family dog?

Dachshunds are affectionate, playful, and devoted to their owners, so they can make great family pets! They’re not the most patient of breeds though, so make sure you teach your kids how to handle them with care. 

Are Dachshunds good first dogs?

As mentioned above, Dachsies aren’t for everyone. They may be a little hard to train and they’ll need lots of mental and physical exercise to stay sane! But for the right owners, they can make excellent first-time pets. Not sure about that? Check out our gallery above to find out why!

  • black and tan dachshund barking in field
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    1. They don’t have big personalities

    Yeah, Dachsies are definitely aware of their size…they would never bark away at people to protect you or put up a fight with much bigger dogs…definitely not their style…

  • black and tan dachshund with dirt on snout
    Copyright © alvant - Shutterstock

    2. They’re not entertaining at all

    Owning a Dachsie is such a snooze fest! It’s not like you’ll ever find them stuck in the sleeves of your jumpers, or burrowing under your blankets, or digging holes in your garden as if their life depended on it…

  • red and tan dachshund puppy in bread bun
    Copyright © Alexey Androsov - Shutterstock

    3. They don’t have the best nicknames in the dog world

    Are you kidding me? Sausage? Weenie? Hot dog? Weiner? Low rider? Pff…not cute at all!

  • black and tan dachshund puppy carried in pink bag
    Copyright © Fernando Mat - Shutterstock

    4. They’re not easy to transport

    Yeah that tiny size is definitely not going to fit everywhere. Not in a bag or in your arms. Forget about taking this pet with you wherever you go – it’s just not possible!

  • group of dachshunds with different coat types
    Copyright © cynoclub - Shutterstock

    5. It’s impossible to find one that you’ll like

    You’ll only have the choice between 2 sizes, 3 coat types, and 12 colours! Booorrrinnngg!

  • red and tan dachshund standing in grass
    Copyright © James Player - Shutterstock

    6. They’re a nightmare to groom

    Mmmhmm, you see that shiny coat? How do you think it gets that way? By doing nothing? No way, you gotta brush for at least, well, 2 minutes…

  • red and tan dachshund held in senior mans arms
    Copyright © Simone Hogan - Shutterstock

    7. They’re not affectionate at all

    They’re not interested in cuddling you ever. They clearly hate sitting on your lap and getting all the hugs and kisses. 

  • red dachshund puppy standing in plants
    Copyright © Shedara Weinsberg - Shutterstock

    8. They’re the opposite of cute

    I mean, look at that face! Those big, black eyes, that tiny head, those wittle paws…ok maybe they’re a little cute…just a little!

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