Dog saved from Hurricane Eta flooding last year is now revered as a hero

dog clinging to balcony in flood and wearing a shirt dog-happy © SEMAR México - Twitter

Every life is worth saving. And thanks to his rescuers who saved him from heavy flooding a year ago, Neron is now doing amazing things with his life.

By Justine Seraphin

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You might remember the devastation that Hurricane Eta caused a year ago in Mexico.

At that time, a video of a dog in distress went viral.


Stray dog clings to balcony during floods

The video showed a dog in the town of Tabasco. The heavy flooding had caused water levels in the town to rise all the way up to houses’ windows.

As the Navy paddles by on their rescue boat they notice a dog - probably a stray - clinging desperately to a balcony railing. Without hesitation, the men on the boat helped to pull the dog out of the water.

At the time, the Navy issued a statement saying the dog would be cared for until a suitable home could be found for him. But it seems the dog made quite an impression on the Navy, who no longer wanted to part with him.

From rags to riches

Today, the dog is named Neron, and he is an integral part of the Navy. When he can, he helps his human handlers to find missing people. But most importantly, he provides good morale for the sailors on his team.

A couple of weeks ago, he took part in a Revolution Anniversary parade, and was completely unrecognisable. Confident, happy, and healthy – just the way we like dogs!

We wish Neron all the best in his new life and career!

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