11 photos that prove Freddie Mercury was the ultimate cat person

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You thought you were a crazy cat person? Think again. Freddie Mercury, Queen's lead singer, is the ultimate cat person and no-one can dethrone him.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 24/11/2021, 12:00

Today is the 30th anniversary of rockstar Freddie Mercury’s passing. He will undeniably be remembered for his extraordinary music and voice which made Queen so special. But there’s something else about him that is equally as cool.

Freddie Mercury was the ultimate cat person. Over his lifetime, he owned at least 10 cats – that we know of. And at least 2 of those were adopted from the Blue Cross rescue!

A lifelong passion

His love of cats began with his first partner who purchased two cats – Tom and Jerry. According to friends of the rockstar, while on tour, Freddie would regularly call home to check on his cats. He would have people hold the cats up to the phone so he could talk to them.

Freddie’s love of cats also transpired in his music. He wrote a song called “Delilah” after one of his beloved cats, and dedicated his solo album “Mr Bad Guy” to his cat Jerry. In his very last music video, he is seen wearing a vest featuring several cats – all of them his.

The ultimate cat person

Jim Hutton, the singer’s last partner and boyfriend of 7 years wrote in his memoir:

"Freddie treated the cats like his own children. He would constantly fuss over them, and if any of them came to any harm when Freddie was away, heaven help us."

So today, we remember the rockstar for his talent of course, but also for his wonderful soft side. Check out the adorable photos in our gallery to meet some of Freddie's well-known cats and see just how much he loved them!

  • freddie mercury holding white ginger and white cat jerry
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    1. Jerry

    One of Freddie’s first cats, to whom he dedicated the album “Mr Bad Guy”.

  • freddie mercury holding tricolour cat delilah
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    2. Delilah

    Freddie wrote a whole song about Delilah, and how she “peed all over his Chippendale Suite”.

  • freddie mercury holding large ginger cat oscar
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    3. Oscar

    Freddie loved posing for pictures, especially with his “babies” – here he is pictured with one of his biggest kitties, Oscar.

  • freddie mercury holding two cats
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    4. Oscar and Tiffany

    All of Freddie’s cats were spoiled rotten – they had the run of the house and grounds during the day, then would be rounded up at night and spent it toasty and warm inside.

  • freddie mercury holding seal point cat tiffany
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    5. Tiffany

    Freddie took excellent care of his cats; look at Tiffany’s beautiful coat!

  • freddie mercury posing with black and white cat
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    6. Unknown kitty

    We’re not sure whether the kitty in this picture was Freddie’s or someone else’s. But if there’s a cat in the room, you can be sure that Freddie will be right there with them!

  • freddie mercury kissing kitten and on bed with two cats
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    7. Romeo (left) / Miko & Delilah (right)

    All of Freddie’s cats were allowed to sleep on the bed – not all of them did, but some of them (especially Delilah) loved to sleep at his feet.

  • jim hutton holding grey cat with freddie mercury
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    8. Dorothy

    Co-owned by Freddie and his partner of 7 years Jim Hutton, Dorothy was one of Freddie’s last cats.

  • freddie mercury wearing cat vest and standing in garden with ginger cat
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    9. Freddie's last cat photo (left) / Freddie's cat vest (right)

    Freddie loved his cats until the very end. On the left is the very last photo of Freddie with one of his beloved cats. On the right, Freddie wearing a cat vest for his last music video, “These are the days of our lives”. All of the cats featured on the vest are his own.