Man cleans windshields for a living but refuses to leave his puppy home alone

young man with black pouch containing puppy dog-wow
© ximenacb64 - TikTok

Few are those lucky enough to take their dogs to work with them. But even though this guy has a difficult job, he’s found a way to stay with his pup at all times.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 24/11/2021, 20:00

A video was shared on TikTok a few months ago and has since gone viral.

The video takes place on a busy road in Peru, where a young man cleans windshields all day to make a little money.


Windshield cleaner carries puppy everywhere

But there’s something very special about this man. He doesn’t work alone.

You see, if he turns around you’ll spot something on his back. A small pouch containing…an adorable puppy! And even cuter? The puppy has his own little hoodie, which keeps warm on the colder days. Adorable!

Best friends forever

While we wouldn’t recommend keeping a dog in a pouch all day, we admire the creativity of this man. And it is true that it’s best not to leave puppies on their own all day when they’re this young.

We wish this stellar team all the best on their adventures. They already look like they’re bonded for life.