Woofs around the world: How do dogs bark in different languages?

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Do dogs say "Woof" all over the world?

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In English, our four legged friends bark with a woof, but the same cannot be said in the rest of the world. Let's find out how dogs bark all over the world shall we? Say Woof for yes!

By Emilie Heyl

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Have you ever wondered if dogs from other countries could understand each other? The answer is not that surprising… Even though dogs speak and understand different languages, their way of communicating is not verbal. Indeed, dogs communicate with one another through body language and smells.

Ok, we will have to break it for you… Dogs don’t bark differently, it is our onomatopoeic perception and our language that changes from nation to nation, affecting the way in which dogs would actually express themselves. In other words, it is how humans perceive the bark sound and interpret it. 

But let's discover some of these barks, some of them are really funny!

What are the funniest barks in the world?

In Italy, but also in Bulgaria, dogs say “Bau”, while in Germany and Austria it is “Wau”. In France, dogs bark with an "Wouaf!"

Poor Spanish dogs! Even when they bark with their funny “Guau Guau!” They still have a bad reputation in Spanish expressions. “Día de perros” (perros means dog in Spanish) means that the day is going really badly while the expression “¡Qué perro!” mainly used in Mexico, means “that sucks”.

But the most hilarious bark of all comes, without a shadow of a doubt, from Romania. In Bucharest, and beyond, dogs would say "Ham" a bark that certainly does not go unnoticed. And this play on words only kicked off an hilarious joke: “Did you know that Batman's dog is from Romania? Whenever he was hungry, he would ask: "Gotham?".

Dogs with their barks in different language
Dog barks all over the world! ©Wamiz
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