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Police seize neglected dog: They never could’ve guessed what was under matted fur

dog with matted fur dog-happy © Hope Rescue - Facebook

It’s hard to understand for us animal lovers, but there are so many cases of neglect in the world. Poor Sherlock the dogknows that all too well.

By Justine Seraphin

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In early September, the South Wales Police brought three dogs to Hope Rescue.


Dog comes into rescue with terribly matted coat

One of the dogs, named Sherlock, was in particularly terrible shape. In fact, his coat was so matted that rescuers had no idea what they would find underneath.

They spent over 5 hours over two days total grooming the poor dog. As the hair came off little by little, they realised the dog was a beautiful Shih-Tzu. Rescuers also realised that poor Sherlock was extremely underweight. He weighed only 5.5 kilos, whereas a Shih-Tzu of his size should’ve weighed at least 7 kilos. 

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A bright future for Sherlock

Thankfully, Sherlock was a good boy throughout all the care he was given, never growling at or biting the rescuers who spent hours working on him. And now he’s reaping the benefits: He’s much more comfortable and happy altogether. 

His story is so touching (and he is so adorable), that we’re sure he had no problem finding a home. 

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