Woman runs towards her dog during an earthquake: What the camera films will bring tears to your eyes

Woman and dog in the living room dog-wow © Goody Wu - Facebook

A woman saved a dog a few years ago by adopting the pooch and today, both have a special and beautiful relationship. They protect each other, no matter what!

By Emilie Heyl

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Goody lives in Taiwan with her dog she named Owen. A few weeks ago, the city was shaken by a very strong earthquake of magnitude 6.5. A really difficult moment for Owen to manage… Fortunately, he was surrounded by good people.


An extremely protective owner

The house security camera captured the entire scene. First, we see the house starting to shake. Quickly, Owen starts to panic and runs into the house, worried because everything is shaking around him.

Seeing her beloved dog's state of panic, Goody decided to rush over to hug him and soothe him, despite the risks she was taking herself if something collapsed or fell on her. The woman also specified that she was more than ready to protect her dog with her own body.

Thankfully, apart from being shaken by fear, no one was hurt.

Such a touching gesture and a proof of love. It’s clear that Owen is part of Goody’s family and she extremely cares for him.

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