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There are two cats in this photo, but very few can see them both

Black cat sat among the trees cat-happy © Timujin86 - Reddit

A Reddit user has launched a challenge with two cats as protagonists, sparking the curiosity of millions of people.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

A new hidden pet challenge is taking the internet by storm thanks to Reddit user Timujin86. The Reddit user posted a picture of a cat in the middle of trees. But turns out, there is another cat hidden somewhere among the trees.

So far nothing new: a game like many others among those that appear every day on social networks.

However, this challenge isn't as easy as it sounds. If it is very easy to see the first black cat black, finding the second one, however, is a whole other story: it is a question of finding a true pro at camouflage!

Only the smartest can find the second cat!

gatto nero tra i rami di un albero
How many cats do you see in the photo? ©Timujin86 - Reddit

The black cat with jade eyes seemed to have posed so that we could see him. And the second cat is perfectly camouflaged among branches, leaves and the green tones of the landscape. So, were you able to spot him?

We will give you a clue : the camouflaged cat is brindle with some white spots! The brown and gray shades of his fur helps him hide perfectly well. Can you see it now?

Here is the solution!

due gatti su un albero messi in evidenza da cerchi blu
That's where the other cat was hiding! ©Timujin86 - Reddit

The second cat sits high above the black feline's head. He seems to look at the lens too, but in a more discreet way!

How long did it take you to find the feline? Are you to be counted among the geniuses or among us mere mortals who needed the solution to see it?

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