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Pitbull acts weird one night, when mum understands why she starts screaming

Brown Pitbull dog dog-wow © Local 12 - Youtube

A situation that could have turned into a tragedy without the presence of Ember a Pitbull with a big heart.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

Tracy Daniels and her family were very excited when they made the decision to adopt a Pitbull from the Adore-A-Bull charity. Because it wasn't their first Pitbull, the whole family knew it would be a big and beautiful moment.

So that's how an adorable puppy named Ember came into the family. Within days, Ember grew very close to Tre, Tracy’s 10-year-old son.


Embr, a true hero

Ember had been in the family for several months when one fine day, Tracy woke up to the sound of the Pitbull’s growls. A very unusual situation because Ember never behaved like this. So Tracy quickly became worried.

But after observing the dog, Tracy didn’t notice anything in particular and decided to go back to bed. Only Ember had decided otherwise and continued to growl emphatically. So much so that Tracy finally stood up.

Ember then walked to the bathroom without hesitation and Tracy followed her. When she opened the door, Tracy found herself faced with a vision of horror. Her son Tre was next to the tub, having a seizure. Tracy immediately contacted emergency services.

Thanks to Ember, Tre's life was saved.

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