Cat hangs on the precipice: the whole stadium holds its breath (video)

Cat dangling from bleachers cat-wow
© Yianni Laros - Twitter

The Miami Hurricanes were playing against Appalachian, and you could hear the crowd cheering in the stadium. But a dramatic event took place and it has nothing to do with the game.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 13/09/2021, 18:00

A football fan cat decided to go to Hard Rock Stadium, the American football arena in Miami Gardens, last Saturday. But, by doing so, the little feline put itself in danger in a short time.

First, the cat jumped over the stadiums’ bleachers, got caught in a net and dangled ten meters above the abyss.


The cat is about to fall

Little by little, the sports fans realised what was going on. Twitter user Yianni Laros grabbed his mobile phone and filmed this nerve-wracking situation. The 45-second video, which has already been viewed over 6.1 million times , shows the animal dangling back and forth in despair while people start screaming in a panic.

A man in the audience stretched his arm towards the helpless cat, but that wasn’t enough: The feline fell down in front of the audience!

Clever fans save the cat with a flag

But what very few had noticed: Under the bleachers, some sports and animal lovers had raised a flag and the animal luckily landed safely.

When it became clear that the cat survived the deep fall, the audience rushed to cheer!