10 Fascinating facts about black cats (Photos)

Black cats are more than just a Halloween symbol!

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Black cats are sadly, often associated to bad luck and witches due to their historical myth. Browse through our gallery and discover 10 fascinating facts about this gorgeous feline.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 09/09/2021, 13:30

Usually referred to as bad luck, witches and Halloween, black cats are known to have a long (and unfair) history full of myths and superstitions.

To help debunk these misconceptions and prove that their bad reputation is unfounded, we've rounded up 10 photos of black cats with fascinating facts about them! We are sure you'll be suprised by a few.

Read about the Bombay, the only cat breed with one colour: black.

Black cats are fascinating and mysterious animals

Celebrated on the 27th of October in the UK with the National Black Cat Day and the 17th of August with the Black Cat Appreciation Day, black cats are unique and fascinating, despite their unfounded reputation. You will see through these pictures 10 beautiful black cats or cats with a dark fur. They are anything but bad luck!

Black cats are among the least adopted cats in the UK. Some researches believe that the color of the cat's fur would affect its character and, in the case of the black cat, the latter is known for having a docile, affectionate and faithful personality. There are many reasons why it is good to adopt a black cat.

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Although their history is tied to anarchy and witches, these black felines bring no bad luck and have nothing to do with black magic! The behavioural pattern of these cats is just like the pattern of any other feline. So, next time a black cat crosses your path, you have no reason to worry!

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    There are 22 cat breeds that can have a black coat

    They are 22 cat breeds that can have a dark or black coat. But there is only one cat breed (which you will see in the next photo) who is exclusively black!

  • black-bombay-cat-on-the-tree
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    The Bombay cat is the only breed who has a completely black coat colour

    Also called the Black Burmese, the Bombay cat is the only cat breed that is no other colour than black.

    Muscular, but also lean and agile, the Bombay is just a miniature black panther!

  • black-cat-at-halloween-with-pumpkin
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    Black cats and witches

    Black cats are closely related to Halloween.

    Considered to be the favourite partner of witches due to their ability to remain invisible in dark places, many superstitions about black cats began to develop.

  • kittens-Selkirk-Rex-black-on-cups
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    Black cats? They are lucky charms!

    In many countries, black cats bring good luck.

    For example, a black cat arriving at your door represents prosperity (a common belief in Scotland) and a black cat crossing your path brings good luck (in England and Ireland).

  • black-cat-with-man-and-woman-who-improves-the-love-life
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    Black cats can help you find love

    In some parts of the world, black cats are thought to bring sentimental benefits.

    In Japan, for example, single women who have black cats are believed to attract more suitors. In the English Midlands, a black cat is the ideal wedding gift, believed to bring luck and happiness to the bride.

  • purebred-black-kitten-Cornish-Rex
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    Black cats used to be a sailor's best friend

    Black cats not only were welcome aboard British vessels to hunt mice, they were also appreciated because sailors thought that black cats would bring good luck and ensure a safe return home.

  • close-up-of-black-cat-with-yellow-eyes
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    Golden eyes!

    Due to their genes, onyx-colored cats produce a lot of melanin. This pigment makes their coats black and their eyes a captivating amber hue!

  • black-oriental-cat-in-profile
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    Black cats can resist disease

    According to some researchers, black felines have a better immune system than most other cats. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations that cause cats to have black coats may offer them protection from diseases.

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    Black cats can change color

    If your black cat spends a lot of time in the sun, its fur may start to turn a reddish dark brown.

    However, this phenomenon is only temporary: once the animal's melanin levels return to normal, the color of its fur will also return to black!

  • black-cat-with-nymphs-on-purple-background
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    Black cats are celebrated twice!

    The black cat is celebrated twice a year: they are celebrated on August 17th and November 17th.

    This is to remind us that the black cat has nothing to do with these bad superstitions and beliefs of some countries and that they deserve to be loved and respected.