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Man starts to have regrets and turns back after dropping puppies off at a shelter

litter of puppies outside dog-happy © The Dodo - Facebook

Sometimes, animals make their way into our lives almost as if by fate. This is exactly what happened to Brody when he stumbled upon puppies during a cold Canadian winter.

By Justine Seraphin

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Brody was driving around a neighbourhood in Manitoba, Canada when something caught his eye.

There seemed to be movement underneath a discarded sofa on the side of the road. Curious, Brody stepped out of his car and went to take a closer look.

Litter of puppies seeking shelter in the snow

There, seeking shelter in the cold, snowy Canadian winter, was a litter of puppies with their mum. Brody could not believe his eyes! The sofa was right in front of a house, so presumably, the dogs belonged to someone. 

Brody immediately went to knock at the door, but the owners were being completely uncooperative. So Brody decided to take things into his own hands. One by one, he carried mum and the puppies into the warmth of his truck, and drove them to the nearest shelter, where they would receive love and care until they could be adopted.

Puppy fostered by rescuer

But as he drove away from the shelter, Brody kept on thinking about one of the puppies; an adorable chocolate-coloured one. Suddenly, he turned back and returned to the shelter.

Brody became the chocolate-coloured puppy’s foster dad, and named her Hazel. Over the next few months, he had the pleasure of watching her grow and come out of her shell more and more. When the time came for her to find a forever home, Brody prepared himself for heartbreak. 

But luckily for both Brody and Hazel, she found the perfect forever family…with Brody’s sister! Now Hazel is living her best life in her new home, but she still gets to see Uncle Brody, her rescuer and hero, all the time!

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