London’s loneliest dog adopted after more than 500 days in shelter

black cocker spaniel sitting on floor dog-happy © hattie_lld - Instagram

Not all dogs get adopted in the blink of an eye. So when they do eventually find their forever home, like Hattie the Spaniel, it’s all the more special!

By Justine Seraphin

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We first wrote about Hattie the Cocker Spaniel in early February. At the time, the RSPCA had dubbed her ‘London’s loneliest dog’, as she had spent over 500 days in the shelter and been brought back already by one of her adopters.

Preparing for a new life

The search was on to find the perfect family for Hattie. Being frustrated easily, very high-energy, and stand-offish with strangers, Hattie needed a family who would be up for the challenge. And incredibly, she has since found the perfect home!

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Dean and Tracey Blackmore took a shining to Hattie when they first saw the RSPCA’s Facebook post about her. They started going to visit Hattie regularly, and were found to have a lifestyle that would work well for her. The RSPCA staff worked hard with both the Blackmores and Hattie, preparing them for an adoption. 

Making small steps every day

And just about a week ago, Hattie finally went home with her new owners. The Blackmores have started an Instagram page so they can record Hattie’s progress and share it with her many fans. They know that the road ahead will be challenging, but they’re prepared for it.


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And they already love Hattie so much! What a happy ending for such a deserving dog!

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