Passengers outraged when they see owner leaving dog behind as she boards train

Woman running on train station dog-angry

In 2019, in Argentina, a video of a woman and her dog at a train station caused a lot of anger. And rightly so. This pup deserved so much better.

By Emilie Heyl

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The scene takes place on a train station platform. A woman is sitting on a bench with her dog and she is obviously waiting for her train. A few seconds later, the train approaches, the doors open and as they are about to close, there is a sound that signals that the doors are closing. 

The next scene has shocked millions of people… 

The woman jumps off her seat and runs in the train as the doors were closing. Her dog tries to follow his owner, but fails.

A scandalous video

And just like that, as if nothing had happened, the woman goes to her seat where her daughter is sitting. Not long after, people started asking her why she left her dog alone on the platform.

Fortunately, the scene was filmed somewhat by chance by a passenger on the train. So there is no doubt that this woman has abandoned her dog.

Woman gives vague explanations

Following all the criticism she received, the woman wished to clarify things via her Facebook account. She explains that the dog has been with her since he was a puppy and his name is Chino.

She also posted a video where we can see the dog looking well and where she explains that the dog is with her. She got it back.

As to why she abandoned her dog on the train station’s platform, the woman did not want to give any explanations. She just said she had personal reasons for doing so.

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