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England National Football Team: Meet the players’ dogs

tyrone mings and his rottweiler dog-happy
© tyronemings - Instagram

Finally, the Euro 2020 is here! Today, England plays for the very first time. And we know the players will be supported by their number 1 fans at home: their dogs! 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/06/2021, 12:00

Yes, football is great, but you know what’s even better than football? Dogs of course!

We’ve scoured through all of England’s players’ Instagrams to introduce you to their furry family members. Turns out England’s National Football Team is quite a group of dog lovers!


Jordan Pickford: Cavapoo

Just look at that face! So the photo dates back to 2016, meaning this adorable Cavalier King Charles x Poodle puppy is now a full grown adult - but we’re certain he’s still just as cute as he was back then! 

Dean Henderson: Rottweiler

That is one big dog! But Rotties are known for being big softies at heart, so we’re willing to bet that this guy’s just a big cuddle bug with his dad.

Eric Dier: Labrador Retriever


A post shared by Eric Dier (@ericdier15)

Ok, our hearts are melting! How adorable is Eric Dier’s dog? And according to his Instagram caption, he’s an entertaining one too. Not that surprising really, Labradors are known for being goofy!

Tyrone Mings: Rottweiler


A post shared by ™ (@tyronemings)

Another Rottie on the team! They seem to be popular amongst England’s players! Oh just look at that face...Pablo has certainly mastered the puppy dog look!

Harry McGuire: Miniature Poodle Cross

It’s hard to tell from the video exactly what type of designer dog Harry McGuire owns, but one thing’s for sure - his pooch has definitely helped him practice in the past few months!

Kalvin Phillips: Poodle Cross

And another Poodle cross for the team! They are overtaking the Rotties! How cute are Kalvin Phillip’s dogs in their little Christmas costumes?

Jesse Lingard: Dobermann


A post shared by JLingz (@jesselingard)

What a beautiful dog! Dobermanns are certainly one of the most elegant looking and athletic dog breeds in the world. We’re not sure where Creed comes from though - ear cropping has been illegal in the UK since 2006!

Harry Kane: Labrador Retrievers


A post shared by Harry Kane (@harrykane)

It’s evident from Harry Kane’s Instagram that he’s a family man, so it’s no wonder he’s opted for Labradors as pets! They’re one of the best dog breeds for children!

Raheem Sterling: Rottweiler

Who said Rottweilers and young children can’t mix? This pup looks like he’s having a ball walking around the countryside with his little humans!

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So, what are your thoughts? Did you expect these players to have these dogs? We are certainly surprised by a few of them!