boy raises money for dog charity by cycling

8-year-old shows extraordinary bravery to rescue dogs he’ll never even meet

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Eight-year-old Rhys Stevens loves dogs. So, when he saw a documentary about what the poor pups were subjected to in the meat market trade, he decided he wanted to help.

It’s not every eight-year-old that goes out of their way to help animals on the other side of the world, but when little Rhys saw a moving documentary about the dog meat trade in parts of Asia, he wanted to act.

He immediately asked his mum, Linda, how he could help.

A charitable mission

Together, they hatched a plan to fundraise and donate the money to China Rescue Dogs – an American charity that aims to help stray dogs in China avoid the meat trade.

After thinking long and hard, Rhys decided a sponsored bike ride could be perfect, but he knew he had to put the effort in if he wanted to earn big so made the decision to cycle a whopping 100 miles.

To make up the miles, Rhys cycled to school and back every day and ran regular errands for family and friends.

A dog named Lola

The China Dog Rescue heard about his mission, and to give him an extra incentive, they told him all about a dog named Lola.

Lola is a Siberian Husky who was rescued with severe malnutrition and skin disease and is now a happy, healthy dog living with her new forever family.

The cost to rehabilitate and transport Lola to her new home was $2,500, and Rhys had this as his target amount. But, thanks to his dedication and commitment, the eventual amount raised was a whopping $8,500!

Well done Rhys, the dogs are lucky to have you.

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