Woman has trouble sleeping: When she watches CCTV, she gets emotional

cctv footage of woman in bed dog-wow

Kristin was having trouble sleeping. After always being a pretty good sleeper, she suddenly found she was waking up exhausted, so she decided to find out what was going on.

By Natasha James

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Kristin Wolf is the owner of a large (and rather gorgeous) rescue dog named Fenway. Since Fenway came to the house, the two have formed a super close bond and Fenway has even been sleeping in Kristin's bed. 

But Kristin noticed that her sleep started to deteriorate. Suspecting that it was because she was sleeping with the dog, she installed a camera to see how the night was going.

The truth on film

When Kristin watched the video the next day, she discovered that it wasn't Fenway who was causing her to sleep badly. Quite the opposite!

Watching the footage, she realises that as soon as she stirs in bed, the dog immediately comes running to cuddle with her and soothe her with his presence.

It is Fenway’s sleep that is constantly interrupted by Kristin, not the other way around!

The whole world is in awe of Fenway

Kristin decided to share the video online to show others how her dog takes care of her. The footage was an immediate hit with social media users congratulating Kristin for having such a lovely pup! 

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