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Staff see dog waiting outside hospital and are shocked to discover why he’s there

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Truly, we don’t deserve dogs. This gorgeous pup shows loyalty that’s out of this world when his sick owner is rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Boncuk, the little white dog, doesn’t just love his owner, he’s truly devoted to him. And so, when Mr Şentürk was taken into hospital by ambulance, Boncuk followed the blue lights through the city.

Staff at the Medical Park Trabzon Karadeniz Hospital in Turkey say that Boncuk is a daily visitor. He arrives at 9am and stays until 7pm when he trots home again.

Great escape artist

Boncuk is currently staying with Mr Şentürk’s adult daughter and she says that no matter how many times she collects him and takes him back home, the little dog always manages to escape and return to the hospital in order to wait for his dad.

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The staff there have fallen in love with the little pup and take him treats and give him fuss throughout the day.

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A special day

And, he’s made such a good impression that on one special day, little Boncuk was allowed in to see his master. Staff claimed he lit up when he saw him and wagged his tail and sat happily by his side.

Mr Şentürk said of his loyal pup, 

“I miss him too. He's already used to me. Sometimes, I call him from the window; then he calms down a little more.”

Great news: all of Boncuk’s perseverance paid off, and Mr Şentürk was finally released from the hospital last week to be reunited with his pooch.

We hope the pair are very happy together.

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