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Parents' eyes widen as giant dog runs toward baby playing in garden

Dog in garden with baby dog-wow
© Amanpreet Singh - Youtube

A loyal German Shepherd proved why this breed make the best guard dogs after it leapt to defend his human baby sister during playtime in the family back garden!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/04/2021, 21:00

German Shepherds are never off duty. These super-loyal dogs always look out for their humans and are never afraid to put themselves in front of danger. It's why they make such great police and guard dogs.

But these enthusiastic canines are so keen to impress that they sometimes confuse worktime with playtime! And that's exactly what happened in this viral dog video.

Never off duty

This short Youtube clip, which now has over 700k views, starts with a toddler girl playing with a water sprinkler in the back garden. You can hear the girl's parents in the background, so you know she's safe. 

But the family dog, a handsome looking German Shepherd, still isn't convinced. As far as he's concerned, the jets of water could harm his little sister. And that won't happen on his watch.

Dogs are our friends and protector

So the brave pooch does what any loyal would guardian do. He jumps in front of the sprinkler and takes a  jet of water right to the face! And then he does it a few more times to show the evil sprinkler who's really in charge.

The dog's family are impressed with this display of loyalty. But at the same time, they can't help laughing as he continues to battle with the sprinkler. 

"Such an adorable video," posted one viewer. "It shows how German Shepard's will protect their packs against anything!"