Bomb squad looks inside suspicious bag and gets a huge shock

Black bag on snowy ground outside church cat-wow

When a bomb squad are called out to investigate and disarm a suspicious bag, they get a huge surprise when they discover what is actually lurking inside.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/03/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

Being a bomb squad specialist is not a job for the faint-hearted. It’s a dangerous job that takes immense training, specialist skills and confidence.

But when a team of specialists arrived to investigate a suspect bag in Ohio, none of their combined skills or experience could have prepared them for what they were about to find.

Shock discovery for bomb squad

The Butler Country Bomb Unit had been called out to investigate an abandoned package that had been left near a church.

As the specialists approached the suspicious bag, they could hear a noise coming from it. But it wasn’t ticking. It was the sound of purring. To the Unit’s surprise, when they opened the bag they discovered a mother cat along with six newborn kittens.

A handwritten note that had been left inside the bag read:

"Mom's name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2.00pm, Wednesday February 17th".

The note didn’t explain why the feline family had been left like that and who they had belonged to.

Sprinkles and her litter were immediately taken to the nearby Animal Friends Human Society to be looked after. Once the cat and her kittens arrived at the shelter, staff discovered that the just one-day-old kittens were soaked in their mum’s urine. All of the cats were given baths to freshen up.

Happy ending

But despite their ordeal and having not long ago given birth, Sprinkles remained in good spirits. She purred throughout it all and the staff have been impressed by how attentive she is with her babies. Sprinkles was given a blood test and had her vaccines and seemed to be in good health.

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The staff didn’t waste any time in finding a foster family for the seven cats. The Animal Friends Humane Society will continue to monitor Sprinkles and her family over the next couple of months until they are ready to find their forever homes.