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Neighbours shocked at what they see on family’s balcony

Cat looks down from balcony cat-angry
© Veronique Scarica LA Spame - Facebook

Imagine leaving a frightened animal in the cold while you're warm inside. One family did exactly that but thankfully kind neighbours were on hand to stage a rescue.

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/02/2021, 21:00

In Aubagne near Marseille, neighbours became aware of a frantic mewling sound that went on day and night. It seemed to last for days and local residents became concerned.

Eventually, they located the source of the noise to a balcony and a tiny, desperate kitten. At first, they may have assumed that the kitten’s owners were out at work, or worse had gone on holiday and left the little kitty alone.

A shocking discovery

But, the truth might just be even more concerning...It seems that while the cat cried desperately in sub-zero temperatures, her owners were inside watching TV and going about their normal lives – callously oblivious to her fear.

But, as we all know, animal people are the best people and it didn’t take long for cat-loving neighbours to intervene. They contacted Société Protectrice des Animaux Maltraités et Errants (SPAME), an animal welfare organisation, and alerted them to the sad kitty’s plight.

A timely rescue

Shortly afterwards, volunteers arrived with the support of the local fire, rescued the kitty and took her to safety.

Thought to be less than a year old, the cat is now safe at the sanctuary and waiting patiently for her loving forever home.

You deserve a great family little one, fingers crossed the perfect people come along soon.