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CCTV catches dog dragging his human into a hilarious game of tug of war

dog and owner playing dog-wow
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A hilarious video of a mischievous pooch playing tug of war with his human proves the first law of being a dog: if you're cute enough, you can get away with anything!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/12/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

The short clip, posted on the  Entertainment Tonight Instagram page, shows an owner playing with her Golden Retriever. But it soon becomes clear that she hasn't got any choice in the matter.

And that's because the 'naughty' pooch has grabbed hold of his human's winter coat and decided to drag her into an impromptu game of tug. She does her best to pull back, but she's no match for this determined canine. 

A human tug of war toy

So she makes the smart choice. She lets the pup have his way, collapsing onto the floor in hysterical laughter. The dog then takes a little rest to bask in his comfortable victory.

But the game isn't over just yet. Because once he has his breath back, the Golden starts dragging his owner across the floor. She tries to distract him with a frisbee, but the dog is having too much fun. 

The hilarious video racked up more than 700k views in 24 hours and received thousands of likes and comments.

Naughty and cute!

"This made my day," wrote one viewer. 

"Omg, She just had to give up. This is so fun," posted another.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything more about the pair. But they obviously have a very special relationship. And this is one smart dog who knows how to walk the fine line between being 'naughty' and super-cute!

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